Skies Behind, Irish Pop Punk since 2016.

Joe Clarke - Richard Brett - Daniel Sheedy - Cathal O'Donovan

"There’s something very satisfying about the crunchy guitar chords throughout the track’s verses. Good stuff." 


"Full of bounce and fairly deep lyrically with a positive message. Reminiscent of Dave Haus, custom built for jumping crowds"

-Whats Happening Music

Skies Behind began in early 2016 with three quarters of the current lineup. Founded by Joe Clarke and Conor McCarry. After Conor's departure Skies Behind began to further refine their sound to what we hear now. With further exploration the band wrote "Fate".


This was the first track of many in Skies Behind's new repertoire. After playing shows around Ireland the band eventually packed up and began recording their newest EP at RedLake Studios in Portlaoise.


This five track EP was then sent and mixed/mastered by Mike Dwyer of Bunker Recording Studios, NY. Following this, the band released their first single "Heal Over" in mid 2018. (Recorded in the Cork School of Music and mixed/mastered by Mike Dwyer.) As this was the bands first release it did receive notable attention from the Cork scene.


That following October the band released "Prologue/Fate" almost 2 years after its first live debut. Following "Fate" came "Pretending" in November of 2018 and "More Than a Memory" was later released in early December 2018. That will complete the trilogy of singles prior to the debut EP "Home", which is scheduled to be released in February of 2019.

Home - Skies Behind
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Prologue/Fate - Skies Behind
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Oceans - Skies Behind
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